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1st Colonial Fleet


Rita Russo -

Combat Actions

2241.05.21 – TCA V Ukugula Vector Sirius System
TCA – Adm. Russo
>> Destroyers -/1
>> Corvette 3/18
Ukugula – Thrumaag
>> Destroyers 2/2
>> Corvette 9/17
>> Transports 1/3

2242.04-06.10 – TCA V Ukugula Vector: Zaaeva System
TCA – Adm. Russo
>> Destroyers -/1
>> Corvette -/15
Ukugula – Thrumaag
>> Corvette 7/8
>> Mining Station1/1

1st Scouting Corp:

2221.06.18 – The Deep Space Research mission, launched by Scout Corp almost 2 Decades ago, returns. After traveling 2/3 the way down the Milky Way’s Orion arm. The expedition turned back after reaching the southern end of the Cebellus Shroud. Of the 3 ships that set off (Sojourner, Hypacia, Ampoliros) only the Sojourner returned to TCA space. The Hypacia was converted into beacon to help guide the two ships on their way back. The Ampoliros was lost with all hands on the return journey in the Sea of Stars. Data collected on this mission will take years to analyze. Unfortunately it still seems there is no clear path between the arms of the galaxy without venturing towards the galactic core.

Construction Ships

CFS Yukon 2200

Research Ships

RV Molders 2200
RV Sagan 2217

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TCA Fleet

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